The Lab DC's Lil Breakers class is designed to introduce students to dance using basic Breakin' techniques and skills. Instructors will teach basic Breakin' to develop strength, coordination and gross motor skills (Skipping, hopping,leaping etc); They will encourage physical activity, teamwork and confidence through rhythm based activities in a fun and exciting class setting. The Lil Breakers program will help your young dancer develope better balance, coordination, listening skills and other social skills.
Kid Breakin' is focused around exciting dance activities as well as learning more advance dance techniques and choreography. The young dancer will continue to develop balance, coordination, style and dance technique. They will learn the foundations of Breakin' , which include Top Rock, Footwork, Transitions and Freezes. Breakin' is an awesome form of self expression, and is a great way to become more physically active, interact with others and creatively express themselves. Each class will begin with a strength building warm up, stretch, followed by an instructional period, cypher sessions and games.
Big Kid Breakin' will take a more advance approach to learning the dance. Students will focus on building strength and understanding the techniques of the dance. Students will learn more advance warm up techniques and stretching. They will also build rhythm, musicality, control, dynamics and performance presence. Our goal at The Lab DC is to support and foster the students natural abilities, individual creativity and personal style. We believe that physical and musical activity, especially through dance can positively influence a child's abilities in life.
Students will develop their Breakin' skills through strength building warm ups. This class is a high energy class that will quickly teach students the foundation of Breakin'. Students will focus on techniques and proper implementation of move combinations. Students will also work with their classmates to build on relationships and create their own style and build class routines. Students will grow and express themselves in creative games, activities and cypher sessions. Students will be expected to understand basic Breakin' terms, history and be able to dance in cypher sessions.
The Lab DC adult classes will begin with an extensive strength building warm up and stretch. The warm up will be a work out in itself. Helping adult students build the necessary strength to perform more complex Breakin' moves. This class utilizes plyometric exercises to help students get stronger and faster. Adults should expect to improve upon their strength, endurance, flexibility, coordination and dance skills. The Lab DC hopes to instill skills to promote a healthy mind, body and spirit.
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